Tired, Stressed, Anxious?

Introduction to Mindfulness

Healthy Living Travel founder, Cindy Steer, offers Group Classes and one-on-one classes to introduce you to mindfulness.

"I have found lots of people struggling with stress, anxiety and sleeping problems (trouble falling asleep or staying asleep).

I am a firm believer in finding balance to life, and one of the great ways to achieve this is through mindfulness practices. Over time, and with regular practice, many people find that mindfulness can assist them to experience less stress, anxiety and to sleep better. They also tend to experience more joy, a greater degrees of self-acceptance, and acceptance of others."

Cindy Steer

Group Mindfulness Classes

Currently these classes are available in the Hills District of Sydney.

For details on how to join a class, or if you would like information about booking in for a one-on-one class with Cindy, please Contact Us 

We will be introducing Introduction to Mindfulness Small Group mid-week Retreats to Lake Macquarie soon.

If you would like to register your interest or ask about one-on-one classes on Lake Macquarie, please Contact Us

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