Life Balance Program

Learn ways to reduce Stress & Increase Energy

This program runs over 7 sessions and is designed to bring balance to those struggling to juggle the pressures of every day life. The process of change takes time and that is why this program is based over 7 session (usually once per week), leading to a gradual reduction in stress levels, increase of energy, a sense of balance and enthusiasm for life - happiness!

Life Balance Testimonial, Maidi Axford

We cultivate a process of inner change through the introduction of the following topics:

Mindfulness - an ancient Eastern tradition that has been more recently recognised in the western society for its power to heal the mind and body.

Happiness v Pleasure - understanding the difference, and the chemicals in the body that control our feelings.

Shifting Perspective to cope with every day problems, allowing us to emphasize common ground, rather than difference.

Anti - fragility - learning to welcome adversity in life, and allowing the challenge to make us better.

Beliefs and Values - the basic values of spirituality, and learning to accept oneself by letting go of the stories of what is wrong with ourselves.

The Gut Mind Axis - why and how it influences how we feel.

This program includes the provision of an inspiring book, and a small amount of follow up reading from this book is prescribed between each session.

Individual Life Balance Sessions currently available from our Kenthurst and Murrays Beach locations.

Program cost $300.00.

Contact Us to book in for a time that suits you.

Group Sessions available on request. Contact Us to discuss.