Intro to Mindfulness Course

Intro to Mindfulness Course


There is a method that has been used for centuries in the eastern culture, and more recently has been embraced in the western culture. It is known as “mindfulness”. This has had much success in reducing stress and increasing energy. We have blended Mindfulness and (ERT) Emotional Resilience Techniques into our unique Introduction to Mindfulness Course.

The fruits of a consistent mindfulness practice include, but are not limited to:

  • strengthening the ability to "put our lid back on" even when our nervous system is over-stimulated
  • regain access to our higher reasoning and memory centres of the brain
  • be "our own boss", and make better choices.

Interestingly, imaging studies have shown that after only eight weeks of mindfulness meditation practice, the size of the prefrontal cortex actually increases and the size of the amygdala decreases.
What does the prefrontal cortex do? It allows you to be more present in the moment so you can process your thoughts clearly, be more open to creative ideas and be more empathetic with others.
What does the amygdala do? It is the place where our brain activates the “fight or flight” mode when in a stress response. This is designed for a physical stress response, like running from a tiger, however our brain, can switch easily to this mode, especially when the prefrontal cortex is not working well, which has negative consequences on our nervous system, affecting our overall well-being.


By joining our Introduction to Mindfulness Course we are able to:

  • guide you through the benefits of a regular practice
  • equip you with the tools to make the change
  • keep you accountable in the early days of transition to daily practice (this is the hardest part).
  • be there to support you

It is a strange practice, in as much as we are going to ask you to do less to achieve more. It may sound easy, but changing a habit is hard to do without help. Let us help you learn how to be self-empowered to live a happier and healthier life.

We cultivate a process of inner change through regular connection with you, providing a platform for you to get individual help to get started, and through the introduction of the following topics:

Mindfulness - what is mindfulness, the benefits of mindfulness & meditation (grounding) to daily life.

Why thinking can be problematic - understanding why, practical ways to work with difficult thoughts, and ways to avoid feeling trapped by our emotions.

Connecting the Nervous System & Mind - understanding how the mind and nervous system interact

Mindful Interconnection - how to use this process to solve conflicts & disagreements, and to accept constructive criticism.

Why we need to be Self-ish - understanding why and how we need to think of self first, and then community

Beliefs and Values - the basic values of spirituality, and learning to accept oneself through radical acceptance.

Letting Go - understanding how to process emotions rather than thoughts to find internal acceptance and joy.

This program includes the provision of meditation (grounding) sessions that you can do on your own, and a copy of each topic information is provided for you to revise and implement into your daily mindful practice. 

Intro to Mindfulness Course is currently available from our Kenthurst and Murrays Beach locations,  currently delivered as one-on-one sessions, and can be online zoom video sessions. We are also working to release this program shortly as an online course for those who dont require personal interaction and are happy to work at their own pace.

Program cost $297.00.

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Group Sessions available on request. Contact Us to discuss.