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Our founder, Lucinda Steer, loves life and is a strong believer that life should be happy. To live a happy life we combine healthy living with laughter and knowledge, and some of the best ways to do this is through travel and events.

Our logo incorporates a single leaf, and this leaf is an ancient heraldic symbol that represents happiness.

"Since I was a little girl I have loved travelling. I was fortunate enough to travel with my family as a child due to my father's work, frequently visiting and exploring the Northern Americas, England, and parts of Europe, as well as spending relaxation time in the South Pacific Islands. We also travelled extensively around Australia. These experiences have shaped my life and helped me to engage with people and life. They allowed me to understand the differences between cultures, as well as appreciate what a great country we live in here in Australia."

I have always had a strong interest in diet and gut health (primarily from suffering from IBS at a young age), and also had a strong interest in physical fitness (worked for 6 years in the gym industry). I have since added the layer of mind health (trained in MBSR), realising that life is all about the balance of all elements, but if we can start somewhere I would recommend starting with the mind. When we can get the mind right, it is far easier to focus on the diet and physical fitness. I hope to influence others to be mindful of how they live their lives - to ensure they enjoy life to the fullest! Join me for mindfulness classes. For this reason you will see a strong influence in our business on events that are focused around mind health, which includes a focus on travel options that around wellness, slow travel, regular local travel and getting outdoors.

Lucinda Steer


Our key values are; Live - Laugh - Learn. To Live is to Laugh and to Learn, and the best ways to do this is through experiences shared with others, and often through travel.

Humans are social creatures, designed to interact with each other and seek happiness! Whether travelling on your own and joining a group, or travelling with your own group of family and/or friends, together you make memories, learn and share these experiences.

In todays world we are becoming a lot busier with technology filling the gaps in our time. This kind of busy can mean less time spent with others in a relaxed and friendly environment. These times develop our social skills, which are an important part of life! Making time for connecting through our ERT & Life Balance classes, regular fitness, nature, health and outdoor fun and relaxation, are becoming more important to our lives than ever before. Our company is all about individual and group engagement, travel and events which encourage people to plan and insert these sort or experiences into our busy lives.


We value every relationship we have with our customers and are continually striving to drive up the standards of living in Australia, and how we interact with travel. We will go the extra mile to look after you.

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We pride ourselves on understanding people and groups, and finding great ways to help people enjoy their lives and travel experiences from start to finish. Years of working with like minded people across a diverse range of industries and regions, as well as our extensive industry connections, allows us to provide a high level of service to you at your convenience.

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Tailored Travel Consulting Service

We offer a Tailored Travel Consulting Service. We come to you in your home, office or favourite café in the Sydney or Lake Macquarie to Newcastle areas of New South Wales.

How many times have you tried to plan a group travel experience and found that it is all too hard to co-ordinate everyone? We can make this process a lot easier for you through taking the time to address your needs and wants, working with the group, and tailoring an experience that is right for your group.

For group quotes or detailed itinerary quotes we charge an upfront consultation fee to meet with you (when group either as a group or with someone representing the group's needs). This allows us to start the arrangements and come back to you with a preliminary quote. Our consult fee is equivalent to $50 per traveller (minimum $200 call out fee). Should you choose not to continue, all it has cost you is the upfront consultation fee. We believe that just the time saving and reduced travel stress that we can provide your group, or individual (with detailed itinerary requirements), will make this service worth your investment.

Contact us today: business@healthylivingtravel.com.au

about our business

We focus on working with individuals and groups, to improve lives through travel and connective programs, including offering events that are unique and health, lifestyle or sport focused. We understand that clients at different stages of life have different requirements, and will work with you to build any experience you desire, including cruises.

Our business is divided into 4 x main regions: Wellness, Adventure, Slow Travel and Local Travel. These regions provide inspiration for you with experiences you may not have thought of exploring, however these are not the full extent of our offering. We are affiliated with Helloworld, so have access to most of the large industry travel suppliers as well as some more niche products so feel free to ask us if you have a specific travel experience or brand of travel in mind.

We are also a Destination Specialist for the Lake Macquarie to Hunter Region of New South Wales. With an office located at Lake Macquarie, and having spent over 3o years exploring these areas, we are very knowledgeable in the area, and can help you to tailor a great local escape for yourself, a group, a retreat, or small conference to this area.

Travel Insurance

Travel Insurance is such an important part of  travel, and one that is sometimes overlooked. It is a cost that you invest in, that hopefully is not needed. It is also a cost that you should not travel without. Even a cheap travel holiday can become super expensive without travel insurance should you have any medical emergencies or unforeseen travel changes due to things like flight cancellations that mean you need to pay for additional costs on your trip, even when travelling within Australia.

If you do need travel insurance, you want to know that it covers all you need for your trip, and that you have people to talk to should you need help whilst away, or with processing a claim when back. Some insurances do not cover travellers over certain ages - our insurance policies will!

We can provide a tailored quote for your needs either over the phone or, if you are concerned about medical cover, you can click on our link below: