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Breathe – taking time to focus on your breath and getting back to nature can help alleviate stress, reduce anxiety and maintain focus.

At Healthy Living Travel we understand that life gets busy so we are here to help you schedule and plan time to breathe, explore nature, playtime and fun in order to bring joy to your everyday living. Here are some ways we can help you explore your wellbeing:

Live Big

Bucket List Goal - to die with great memories, not unfulfilled dreams - or should we say unexecuted travel plans!

Dreams are the touchstone of our character - Henry David Thoreau. When you cease to Dream, you cease to live - Malcolm Forbes.

Let the team at Healthy Living Travel help you to Live Big!

Slow Travel

Time to slow down?
A great way to do this is to plan a relaxed holiday where you don't travel around too much, you get outdoors and immerse yourself in the location, and return renewed.

Spending time in one place, embracing all it has to offer, in particular the natural beauty and cultural of a location is a good way to de-stress and come back feeling re-energised.

Go Local

People who take frequent vacations have been shown to have lower stress, less risk of heart disease, a better outlook on life, and more motivation to achieve goals.

A great place for Sydney-siders is Lake Macquarie. You can access to Healthy Living Travels' own 3 bed room luxury lodge in an eco-estate on the shores of Lake Macquarie that provides the perfect opportunity for an escape locally.


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